Melanoma - oral
Location: Oral
Behaviour: Metastasizes quickly
Diagnostics: Fine needle aspiration/lymph node removal, X-ray (bone and chest), ultrasound abdomen, CT/MRI scan
Treatment: Surgery and additional radiotherapy (primary tumor), chemotherapy (metastases)
Prognosis: strongly depends on tumor stage and used treatment method
Here you can find pictures of dogs with this tumour type. These images may be unsuited for sensitive viewers.
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The bulge of the lip in the lower right corner of the screen is caused by a melanoma.
Upon opening the mouth a dark spherical mass was found at the level of the mucous membrane.
The mass does not always have to be dark to be a melanoma. In the above dog, the mass at the height of the upper lip is flesh-colored, but the sampling confirmed that it was a tumor of the pigment cells.
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