Who is Oncowaf?

Oncowaf is an initiative of Laetitia Cicchelero, a veterinarian with a passion for (research in) oncology. In her experience as veterinarian and researcher, she noticed that there are many questions about what cancer means in dogs and how one can deal with this. This site has been created to provide concrete and independent answers.

This site was sponsored by the Belgian Cancer Fund for Animals (BKFD).

Our thanks go to
Lotte Beirens, Jérôme Benoit, Dante Bergamo, Kenny Bossens, Jean-Pierre Cicchelero, Hilde de Rooster, Ruth Fortrie, Karin Gasser, Tom Hendrickx, Paula Hendriks, Nelly Mols, Arno Roos, Paul Simoens, Emmelie Stock, Jurgen Tan, Roger Vanbeneden, Isabel Van de Maele, Eva Vandermeulen, Leo Vankrieken and Jeroen Wauters.
Substantive contribution / review was provided by
  • Lotte Beirens: veterinarian active in oncology
  • Jérôme Benoit: veterinarian active in radiotherapy
  • Kenny Bossens: veterinarian active in neurology
  • Hilde de Rooster: veterinarian active in surgery
  • Ruth Fortrie: veterinarian active in oncology
  • Karin Gasser: veterinarian active in oncology
  • Tom Hendrickx: veterinarian active in oncology
  • Paula Hendriks: veterinarian active in oncology
  • Nelly Mols: veterinarian active in oncology
  • Arno Roos: veterinarian active in oncology
  • Paul Simoens: veterinarian and professor of anatomy
  • Emmelie Stock: veterinarian active in medical imaging
  • Jurgen Tan: veterinarian active in oncology
  • Isabel Van de Maele: veterinarian active in internal medicine
  • Eva Vandermeulen: veterinarian active in medical imaging
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Technical realisation
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Are you a veterinarian and do you wish to inform your clients about Oncowaf? Then you can download a flyer to print and distribute in the waiting room.

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